Alhamdulillah, Since April 2015


The biggest threat that looms ahead is shutting down the cyber world in the muslim world. To avenge the humiliation they had suffered since starting from staging 9/11, to use me as a bate to blackmail each other for supremacy over the others & over confidently undermine islam with hoping to wrongly implicate me took a serious beating. Then came their best weapon IT & i-net, which was practically made haram for me for almost a decade.

Getting slapped by finding that their b power has serious limitations & not everybody can b shown as one of theirs hijbut shytwan’s eg., talibans, al quedas, isis’s helpless victims used for their islam tarnishing & destructing deep conspiracies under the branding of radical islam. They started “allowing” of inet use in a very controlled environment, yet not mashallah able to publish a single word of their “desired” islam was probably too painful for them, even unable to become eccendentesiasts.

Insult to the injury of failing on using various intimidation tactics to stop me from writing on islam was mashallah, in almost dire health conditions, I managed to put together & build a website ( It wasn’t smooth or easy. The technical hurdles & blasphemy i faced seemed out of the world to me. At one point i even offered others to run it w/o any cost. None responded, alhamdulillah & i patiently perceivered. For some reason unknown to me their heart changed & i finished building the site & with the will & power of allmighty allah its up & running. So wot usually an intolerant, immoral loser wud do, djt is doing that by playing another lying conspiracy setup. Telling around & saying islamic, actually which i hav proven over the subject time period is actually christian terrorism, is uncontrollable bcoz of inet use & abuse. Wot a hypocrat!

If they succeed with this conspiracy then muslims r back in the pre-islamic dark ages or present west which is almost 80% closer to that uncivilized age. And for that reason vulgar, unjust, immoral, only the mighty rules, mostly aetheist, doesn’t like peace & allways in conflict west having become deaf, dumb & blind calls muslims falsely living in the middle ages. having calling us in false names cudnt satisfy their envy, so this time they want to ensure that we r totally detached from wotever little good there is out there.

Looking back at these long dreadfull years still continuing, here r some thoughts, observations, lessons learned put together in others words, but not necessarily in the rite sequence of time & not comprehensive as well as doesn’t explain all the salient points:

My mother expired on April 1, 2016 Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun.

Cordoba, Spain. when europe was in total darkness, muslims used to rule cordoba & it was a hub of thriving civilization. The first university of europe was here. then came isabela & her free alchohol to muslims to conquer cordoba. finally, “fake news” to muslims, hide in masjids & u will b saved. In fact all hiding inside were brutally roasted, bb qued. that day 1st april, still celebrated april ie., muslim fooling day. muslims even quran quotes history to explain. dont underestimate the the confidence level of fooling & harming muslims by the current us administration.

Also abraha, sura fill, quran & bush sr, gw bush