Riba is HARAM


A response to my sms, received yesterday @ 15:40

.. Ji Bhaiya, I do remember our visit to your place.As far as I remember I did not have any conversation with you. .. you texted me @ 4 a.m.So,I was kind of lost.
I always try to stay away from any kind of trouble.
I do ask for apology if I am rude.

I would like to highlight a point from the above sms:


As far as I remember I did not have any conversation with you.


Very true. I also wished but refrained from conversating with her. Although she did not know I was as much enthusiastic as her (lol.. please don’t shoot me) in checking her out.  Frankly speaking I liked wot I saw, a special &  beutiful smile with a quick curious glimpse at me from behind her late father (inna lillahi wa inna elahi rajiun. We r all created for the purpose of Allah & after that we have a predetermined time set for us by allah to return to him) when they were walking out of my bedroom passing the tv loungue area with my father who was giving them a tour of our newly completed apartment complex.

Lol.. before i write farther, here is a disclaimer. sometimes my sarcasm is way way too eccentric yet that makes me happy at the end coz it comes out as though I blatantly expressed overall, but none can deny that the purpose was to bring out & share if there was any beauty in one’s thoughts & actions.

I love truth. There is an undertone in her statement which is appreciable & shud not b ignored. then politely avoiding calling me rude which I really never wud b with her, but circumstances might not agree with that. It is noticeable how beatifully she maintained her manners that usually evaporates once u r in usa & learn the meaning of the land of the free for a female is to b able to say – b hell with u to any man (father to a stranger), & saying this is probably the best of their bizzare linguistic “civilized honesty”.

Unfortunately true I avoided her probably surprising her, chacha/ uncle (inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun), chachi (auntie) & my mother (inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun), my father currently in sydney, au with my younger of the two older sisters.

It was a strange me.. even to myself “not truly me” but never a hypocrit. it was a “strange” but i wud, looking back, say the blessed character a guy cud express himself w/o dishonoring a woman. i never disliked, doubted or dishonored her. she possibly came back from the states looking for a fresh restart. while it was during a critical crossroads of my life. just then i was maturing as a person who was transforming, both avowed to earn allahs satisfaction but also fallen pray to the evil eyes.

My success created more enemies than i cud imagine. then i found the authenticity of a very critical philosophy of islamic theology. if u can’t make allah ur friend from a very early stage of ur life, u risk loosing it all. the tests become harder bcoz the already humiliated shytwan
& its two arms us government & citibank barks out – wot now? (leaving us for allah?) STILL THE GOD DAMNED EVIL SLAVE MASTER MINDS. while fools learnt from qur’an when allah was about to drown feraun (phroah) & the clown begged to allah for his stinken life, but allah having already given the idiot too many chances, mocked at him holding him by his forlock saying that phrase – meaning drowning fool didn’t i knew wot a scumbag liar like u wud say to save urself? Happening here every moment, blaming & cursing failed evil acts on team members while the murderous acts r installed with trials & errors like musical chairs.

Allah named them deaf (they don’t like to hear/ learn anything good), dumb (never comes anything good from their mouths for others, bcoz they r filled with jealousy, quran 3:118-121) & blind (their evil has bleaked their mind. despite fancy educations they can’t see the light ie., the simplest, profitable, humanitarian solutions. These “idiots” disgusts profit sharing/ loss absorbing lending in banking onlyvbcoz its islamic. but they have strict tuxedo dress codes at white house/ downing street while hijabi women are physically touched by male beach cops in bondi beach, au. wot a civilized, decent nation!! Now a days kumbho gets better coverage & sympathetic tv commentaries than hajj. Indeed as in qur’an (arabic) allah cursed them as summun, bookmun & yumyun.

Long story short hope u all now got a glimpse of a overhauled person who never missed a good opportunity to socialize with good company. I’m sure s…..a, chachi & all the rest of her family wiill confirm her that. So wot refrained then & still now? or i rather shud prefer to ask – wot makes me a “failure” or  holds me back? One who is a recent acquitaned might consider me not smart enuf to “test talk” lol, as opposed to “test drive”.. lol. no hidden meanings but cudn’t think of a better connotation, trust me. anyway, please don’t misunderstand or mistrust me coz since 2010 it has been a consistent battle for a very painful british parkinsons disease for 24*7*365. america, the self teasers r keeping gay bankers out of trouble.. terrorists calling islam black magic & american sorcerers r black mailing the world sharing with me their ill intentions. so that the muslim world, unlike me who is fighting, simply gives in. the reason being here they r confident they  will soon b able to terminate me & bangladesh (according to a jinn foolish jopping the same hindi line for kafirs for the last 18 years) ..lol .. also, they have proves at the end mad cow kafirs wins! through out, L O L, their history of lies, deceits, conspiracy to falsely frame others they hav been thrashed. their history is of theft, hatred, bigotry & opportunism.

So much for deen-e-tajmahal, nj, usa & uk, iran, mexico, canada, russia, taiwan & creator of shytwan cooks, australia. the recent diplomatic mr. bean show between uk & russia (ask putin about his scheme with fb in VOTING for my vk account)..the frauds r warming up for scare us off (including this). if we hav faith in allah there is nothing to worry..just patiently wait to see the final countdown!!

ME TO CONTACT HER @4 AM. If the volume is down or phone switched off .. queer threessa does time matter?

Manners is back in tower bridge for u, evil royals & all british. now please tell the whole world y u got her divorced, brought her to bd from us? Also why & how u were crushed to humiliation by allah today? the world includes singapore & israel as well.

Not knowing anything y she almost reffered instead of u me as a terrorist? drop it!!


How are chacha and chachi doing?He goes by ‘Hasanul Wara’ chacha in our family.
Ji Bhaiya, I do remember our visit to your place.As far as I remember I did not have any conversation with you.I do not know your name and you texted me @ 4 a.m.So,I was kind of lost.
I always try to stay away from any kind of trouble.
I do ask for apology if I am rude.


Personally, i liked ur (the person I texted) answer. thnx & wish u all the best.


the symbol of a evil nation. can’t wait to see tower bridge tortures sorceries spreads throuhout uk uncontrollably. the evil ethickless servant 007 of usa must suffer, better destroyed by its islam hating evil eye outrageous acts on me.. specially out of singapore.

La hawla wala quwata illa billahi wa hual alyul azim.. meaning white supremacy, bigotry, sorcery r jokes just like ur immoral colonial era. Now translated word for word – there is no power, other than the power of Allah.