26/4/18 I accidentally found a new app named wh*****s two days back, which I installed two days ago. A photo posted by a female individual under the name breadearner in there promoting feminism by proclaiming herself being decent writer, but claimed she was insulted by offending & sexually explicit words. Then how she takes revenge? …

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Truly & Slowly.. Shrewd Trump it is ..

5/4/18 REM - Losing My Religion - SoundCloud Listen to REM - Losing My Religion by roxana_styx #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/roxana_styx/rem-losing-my-religion Song lyrics in 4 (four) pages: Cudn't think of anything better to explain my religious situation. Unfortunately, expressing through shaytwans ayah those I threw away 18 years ago. Repeated warnings to the ummah of …

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1 April, 2018 Finally, after at least 6/7 blogs deleted, one (this time) turned into religious "slangs scriptures", back to back two attempts of direct nose dives that, if allah hadn't saved, I wud have been in 1 of the most expensive hospital's most critically injured's bed for probably nothing more than a little bruised. …

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