1 April, 2018

Finally, after at least 6/7 blogs deleted, one (this time) turned into religious “slangs scriptures”, back to back two attempts of direct nose dives that, if allah hadn’t saved, I wud have been in 1 of the most expensive hospital’s most critically injured’s bed for probably nothing more than a little bruised. but their medical imaging machines, I’m pretty sure, have MRP (as far i recall their dangerous & outrageous hackings vivid like technologies Where awaits ball tampering magician cricketers like doctors to attend. those whose whistle blowing blogs r played around like the musical chairs participant must b rewarded by putting them six feet under.

Now back to the point why I started writing this blog? Few minutes back I read another story about fb (can’t authenticate the validity of the story. bcoz attempting that is a double whammy of not being able to write this & surviving the sorties of deadly sorceries – sometimes for non-stop 12/13 hours. The mesaage from white house & downing st.. STOP telling the truth (shamefully we agree our evils have limitations) but our FCC shytwan ajit pai has begged for some time extension.

If someone gets lost, tired & mislead by american journalists, here is a little good samaritanism of the shrewd ancient media MOGHULs. an excerpt from the story link:


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been on an apology tour. 
He’s expected to testify to Congress in the coming days, and calls for the social network to be regulated by the government have never been louder.

let me repeat ajit pai & trumps story behind the story:

.. and calls for the social network to be regulated by the government  have never been louder.