I accidentally found a new app named wh*****s two days back, which I installed two days ago. A photo posted by a female individual under the name breadearner in there promoting feminism by proclaiming herself being decent writer, but claimed she was insulted by offending & sexually explicit words. Then how she takes revenge? By comparing these characters to rapists & advising others to write in her decent styles in order for dirty minded men to get erections!! Wonder y a woman turns into a perve right after accusing men? The words she used r the worst i have ever read in any public lit. I used similar words so that readers will get a sense of the piccard censored immediately (also my comments) after I posted the following. Recently happening a lot.

I wrote an answer.. little longer & unusual. Like I said at the end my post censored, hers comments from the pic vanished. Wot r they trying to promote??

This is the nature of the miraculous creation men, made by allah. Kar o dhon darabae, karo chupshae jabae. Shay jeta porlo ba dekhlo sheta ta k provabito kor a. Tokhon brain dhon k bol a ki kortae hob a. Jemon manners filled lady chaterley’s lover boe ta porlae dhon/ mon chodar echai rapist ba e-danil kall er pop porno incest hot a paray ba chae. Ejonno allah orthat jini ek jon manufacturero bot a – manush, bhasha, voda, shona ..ai shob kich ur. uni unar shomosto shristi k pobitro, marjito, shalin bhabae rok khar jonno, best cell phone company r manuel er moto, but tar theke saat asman r jomin er distance theke bayshi scientific info & instruction shoho ekta user manual toiri korechen, qur’an. MS a jamon iOS compatible na todrup apnar manufacturer manual a porlam hijab jawthestow noy.. Pordao must.

Apnj bhabchen shomoy er shathe dharmo paltae (actually ultae).. tahola sheta keno islam er bepar a? Shay rate a tahole tow b-dhormi der jounota rash ter kukur k o charea jower kotha. Tobay wester besh kichu jaigai jounotar obadh ondhokar joog feer a ashecha. *
Apni nari shomaj er shomman dress or talk as u like er madhdhom a, r ami raster bhasa use kor a but ultimate truth ta k tulae dhor a bujachchi. Allah r sathe o-t chalaki bhalo na. Apni neejay manual er instruction thikmoto follow kor a dekhan tow apnar abba, vai er moto onnoder abba, vai der ma er jaat er proti shomman barche kina??

Shuvo Ratri


*ai proshong a amar kichu blog ache

Out in the streets these days. Then u hear a woman voice shouting – ai chele tumi amar saree dhor a tan delae keno?