1 April, 2018 Finally, after at least 6/7 blogs deleted, one (this time) turned into religious "slangs scriptures", back to back two attempts of direct nose dives that, if allah hadn't saved, I wud have been in 1 of the most expensive hospital's most critically injured's bed for probably nothing more than a little bruised. …

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THREAT – “terminated 84 accounts”

25/3/18 WHILE WRITING MY COMMENTS COUPLE OF HOURS BACK, THE SCREEN DISAPPEARED ALL OF A SUDDEN. Re-writing. I might have or not, can't recall. I hav not subscribed to Tumblr to show political affinity. Neither do I intend to continue subscribing to this app shud ur below mentioned actions reflect upon me as follower of …

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Riba is HARAM

20/03/18 A response to my sms, received yesterday @ 15:40 .. Ji Bhaiya, I do remember our visit to your place.As far as I remember I did not have any conversation with you. .. you texted me @ 4 a.m.So,I was kind of lost. I always try to stay away from any kind of trouble. …

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