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Too many things, very cleverly, blatantly lyingly, brutally, ignoring civilized human decency, with a let the world go to hell attitude with even street thugs like muscle flexing threats to opportunity seeking is being rolled out here in different combinations everyday religiously. Thus the update became essential.

Be Very Carefull Ummah:

My passport application is being held up for unusual length of time, saying yet to b printed – in an automated machine capable of printing several thousands a day. few days back the status check i-net process displayed that my application all of a sudden didn’t exist & the id provided by the govt authority was invalid. later the system accepted the id.

I’m being advised by my well wishers that all machine readable infos on my passport were in the interim linked to the so called terrorists database so that in any foreign port instead of trump, theeresa & the gang, I can b called a terrorist & taken away never to b traced again.

Please refer in addition to the above, the name list of terrorists bankers i have published & those who r the true 9/11 planners,plotters, executor criminals shud b put into the most dangerous humans (r they??) watchlist. whereever these animals r traced shud b grabbed by their forlocks to face justice in front of the “neutral press”.

NB: the trickiest advantage for them is, for the general people there is no way of checking the infos embedded in the smart chips since these can only be read by expensive electronic passport reading machines. One might think if any irregularity then at the time of departure the local airport authority will raise alarm. Maybe, if u r lucky. These smart chips r powerful enuf to create & hide probably 100s of different profiles of the passport holder.

Bon voyage!!