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Thnx for starting following my blogs.
I always try my best to speak the truth w/o offending others believes & way of life. But my cruel experience of life, unfortunately repeatedly keeps proving, most of the “enlightened” people r bigots. they keep pushing u unless u protest equal or louder than them, or else u r considered not capable of upholding the truth. the moment truth starts chasing the dark away ..they bring in the next phase to choke ur voice by calling u extremist/ fundamentalists.
I always wondered the same people who strongly believes – the stupid question is the question not asked, then why he dosen’t try to explore the truth himself? Strangely when it comes to Islam (which is not also confined within certain races or geographies) he becomes less intelligent than an animal & only relies on others (most of whom haven’t convincingly  found the truth themselves or lies about the truth).
Life is, I believe, not fair for the dishonest..hence, they r lost & misleads others. But for the majority it shud be challenging himself to find out & ask the authorities for his birthright to b given the resources necessary to explore the Ultimate truth..creator.. almighty.. the most gracious & merciful Al’lah.
Welcome. Please enjoy reading.
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